Baby Nyasha

This little baby boy was found abandoned in Sanyati and was taken to the local Baptist Hospital. IMG-20200409-WA0011He has been named Nyasha, which means God’s Grace/Mercy.  (The whereabouts of his mother is not known at this time).  Nyasha was born on 10th March 2020 weighing 2.45kg (5.4lb) and more recently at 5 weeks 1 day, he weighed 4.29kg (9.45lb).

The hospital is in dire need of items to help care for baby Nyasha.  We have so far been able to donate a small number of pampers, some soap and vaseline.IMG-20200409-WA0010

We are raising funds for his continued care and the following essential items are needed presently:-

Baby Formula
Baby toiletries
Feeding bottles and cup
Baby bedding and towels
Disposable Nappies and Wipes
Baby clothes – especially with winter coming
Large Suitcase – to help keep baby Nyasha’s belongings

If you are able to make a donation to help buy the above, please see below.


Thank you, you are helping to change lives.

Update 23/04/2020


Baby Nyasha Update 09/05/2020

We are delighted, as a charity, to be able to temporarily take over the care of baby Nyasha from Sanyati Baptist Hospital during the current pandemic. This will not only help relieve pressure from the hospital, who have limited resources and time, especially during this pandemic but will also provide Nyasha with a homely, safe, healthy and loving environment. Social welfare and hospital staff, including Nyasha’s ‘hospital mum’, brought him over to our Sanyati centre and officially handed him over to our team.

We thank those who have already donated to support him. If you would also like to help, then please do so below.  Thank you

Baby Nyasha


Baby Nyasha


Baby Nyasha


We will keep you updated with his progress.  Thank you again.