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House build for an orphaned family 2016

1We first met Edeliwe’s family of 6 in 2015. A widowed grandmother looking after her son living with disabilities & her 4 orphaned grandchildren. All 6 of them living in dilapidated round hut, we just had to help. So with the help of kind donations, we bought building materials and built them a home. It may not look like much to us, but to this family, it’s everything. With your support we can help more families like Edeliwe’s.


In addition to our desire to provide much
needed safe homes for orphaned families, we aim to support the vulnerable families with income generating projects. Our charity has a piece of land approx. 8700sqm that we would like to use for running our community projects in Sanyati, Zimbabwe.


To be able to do this we need to make the land secure by building a durawall. This will require 50 000 bricks. The good thing is we can make our own and it will cost just 5p (5c) per brick. This means 50p (50c) would enable us to make 10 bricks.

£1 ($1) donation = 20 bricks
£5 ($5) donation = 100 bricks
£10 ($10) donation = 200 bricks
£20 ($20) donation = 400 bricks
£50 ($50) donation = 1000 bricks

So why not be a ‘brick’ & buy a brick and help us provide a safe home for an orphaned family and build our wall.

To buy a brick please go to Be a ‘Brick’, Buy a Brick or email us at

Thank you for your help, you are helping to change lives.