School Support

Sanyati School Support Project

Ratidzo Foundation Trust have linked up with 5 schools in Sanyati, 4 Primary Schools and 1 Secondary School. Wozhele Primary School, St Charles Primary School, Sanyati Baptist Primary School, Neuso Primary School and 1St Charles Secondary School. Although there are many other schools in the area, these are the nearest schools to our centre and they have many needs.

All the schools have similarities but at the same time they are also very different.  All the schools prioritise the need for a reliable water source. All have wells but they often dry up, particularly during the drier months, July to October.  Often children do not have water to drink or to wash their hands with.  Along with this, a reliable electricity supply is also much needed.  The lack of water & electricity prevents or hinders the schools from running projects that could help the schools and the children i.e. vegetable gardening and poultry.

The 4 primary schools also have an Early Childhood Development  (ECD) block (Reception
P1020743Class, which is now mandatory).  They are all overcrowded, usually a class is split in two, one group being taught inside while the other group are outside playing or learning under a tree, then they swap.

Text books, classroom furniture, building repairs, computers & sporting equipment are all on their needs list.


We are looking for individuals, businesses, churches, funding organisations & groups to support our schools. With your help in donating to our School Support Project Fund, we aim to work with the schools to help them improve their circumstances and to enable them to put in place their own improvement program.


Current Projects
Wozhele Primary School – Chicken Broiler Project. We have donated 50 chicks and feed so that the school can start a chicken broiler project.  They are working alongside our sponsored families running this project together.  This is a 6 week cycle, reinvesting the money from sales to buy the next 50 chicks and using the profits from selling for specific aims. This will help raise much needed revenue for the school and the families.  We are also aiming to start a similar project with St. Charles Primary School in 2019/2020.

Neuso Primary SchoolChicken Layers Project. We have donated 50 Hyline Layers and feed so that the school can run a chicken layers project.  The profits from the sale of eggs is used to run a transporter vehicle to transport children living with disabilities to and from school.20181010_102842


School Text books

All the schools we work with have a lack of text books. Your donation will buy one new text book.



School support

Supporting schools with all the resources they need, including text books, computers, sports equipment, running water and electricity.


For a more detailed profile of each of our schools please email us on

Thank you for your help, you are helping to change lives.