a-MAIZE-ing Acres

a-MAIZE-ing Acres Logo Food security in rural Zimbabwe is a huge problem, made worse by several years of draught and poor harvest.

Our a-MAIZE-ing Acres project works to alleviate hunger in poor rural communities.

We use/hire an area of land and set up community nutritional gardens, plant orchards & grow staple crops such as maize, cow peas etc.  Produce from the a-MAIZE-ing Acres can be sold to support the communities running the projects and help the communities they are in, with fresh, healthy nutritious produce.


Ratidzo Trust Nutrition Garden

We have recently set up two more nutrition gardens in the local Sanyati community, supporting 5 families.  They are working together, with one group growing tomatoes and the other growing cabbages.

Tomato Garden

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They have just started harvesting and have raised $500 so far.


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Cabbages are growing well – over 200 planted.

We are currently raising funds to start more community nutrition gardens and have plans for setting up gardens at the local hospital, with a disabilities group and 4 local schools.  If you would like to donate to this project please see below.

Community Nutrition Garden


Community Nutrition Garden