BEE Against Poverty (BAP) is a sustainable income generating project that not only helps vulnerable rural communities (our first being in Zimbabwe) but also the environment by sustaining the bee population.

The Honey Bee population has declined dramatically worldwide in the past ten years due to a number of factors including human intervention. The bee bank in Zimbabwe has also been greatly affected, hopefully with good management, training and other similar projects this can be reversed.

Ratidzo Trust’s work involves supporting orphans, their host families, the elderly, widows and those living with disabilities. We sponsor school fees & run income generating projects aimed at helping the most disadvantaged. Our current project is in a very rural area of Zimbabwe called Sanyati that suffers from high levels of poverty and unemployment. Many people have been affected by HIV/Aids and struggle to survive.

We require 20 hives to start our project in Sanyati, along with other beekeeping & honey production equipment. This will produce 300 – 400 litres of honey twice a year. We will use this project to train other disadvantaged people in beekeeping and the profits will help set up similar projects in their communities around Zimbabwe. This could be done through schools, churches, community groups & individuals and will raise much needed income for their community.

Please donate at BAP and BEE against poverty

A Touch of Love                                                                                                                                                A  look in darkened eyes
Reflects lost hope with an empty smile
Which cannot hide, the respect & pride
That living in poverty takes
When staying alive is an unfair fight
And another heart just breaks
This isn’t right
This isn’t life

A school child orphan
Not just hungry, but hungry to learn
A chance for tomorrow taken away
Because its food, or a priceless education
But who will pay
No mum, no dad, no means
Just an ageing generation
This isn’t right
This isn’t life

A touch of love
Can bring back the hope
A touch of love
Can rebuild the pride
A touch of love
Can bring back real life
A touch of love
Can mend a heart
A touch of love
Can bring back the smile from within
All it takes
Is A TOUCH OF LOVE                                                                                                                                                                                   by Richard Jarman