Current Community Projects

Our Community Projects are run to help those in the community who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged including those living with disabilities, the elderly, orphans, schools and families of our sponsored children.  The projects are designed to help them improve their conditions of living but also so that they give back to the community by helping others.

Children School Sponsorship Project

In Zimbabwe education is not free, it costs from $12 a term at Primary School and from $50 a term at Secondary School (not including uniform, books, pens etc.).  Many orphans and vulnerable children’s families struggle to afford these fees and many children are forced to either drop out of school or not even start their education.

Every child deserves a chance to learn, a chance to change their lives. Education is the best chance they have, for some it is just a dream.

We are working with many orphans and vulnerable children to assist with their school fees, provide them uniform along with exercise books and pens.  Please help us by sponsoring one of our children, give them that chance and hope for their future.

By sponsoring one of our children, you will get photos, updates on their progress, a letter from them at least once a year and the opportunity to write to them in return.

Alongside our sponsorship project we also see it vitally important that we work with the children’s guardians/host families.  Helping them start sustainable income generating projects, that will enable them to improve their conditions of life, to feed themselves, produce income and afford to pay the school fees.  In time we would love to be able to tell you that the child no longer needs sponsorship, as the family can now afford it.  We can then go on and sponsor more children that are in similar need.

Below just a few of our 26 children on our sponsorship register
(Primary School £50 a year & Secondary School £150 a year – includes school fees, uniform, exercise books & pens)

Beauty Nherera was born in 2007, both her parents have passed awaP1030027y and she lives with her grandmother. Beauty started school late due to lack of fees, however she now attends Sanyati Baptist Primary School.  We’re delighted that Beauty now has a sponsor.  Thank you.

Favourite subject:  Content (combined subjects)
Favourite colour:  Green
Likes:  Looking for and collecting firewood
Dislikes:  Going to the well and fetching water
What I would like to be when I grow up:   Nurse

Tatenda Nyamadzawo was born in 2008, his mother pasP1030033sed away, his father is unknown and he lives with his grandmother.  Tatenda started school late due to lack of fees, however he now attends Sanyati Baptist Primary School. We’re delighted that Tatenda now has a sponsor.  Thank you.

Favourite subject:  Writing
Favourite colour:  Blue
Likes:  Soccer
Dislikes:  Sweeping
What I would like to be when I grow up:  Bus Conductor

p1040128Denzel Ngwana was born in 2006, lives with his elderly and poorly 80 year old great grandmother.  His mother remarried andp1040127 is unable to look after him and the whereabouts of his father are unknown.  Denzel attends Sanyati Baptist Primary School. We’re delighted that Denzel now has a sponsor.  Thank you.

Favourite subject: Shona
Favourite colour: Red
Likes: Running
Dislikes: Basketball
What I would like to be when I grow up: Soldier

p1040396Joster Chikwanda was born in 2002, lives with his cousin, Hilda Muzavazi, her husband and their two young p1040396children. Joster’s parents both passed away. The family are struggling to pay his fees, especially as he is in secondary school. We’re delighted that Joster now has a sponsor.  Thank you.

Favourite subject:  Shona
Likes:  Football
Dislikes:  Traditional Dancing
What I would like to be when I grow up:  Gold Miner


Kelly Jones was born in 2003, lives with his poorly grandmother, widowed mother, his young brother Ashley and an orphaned cousin.  Kelly is doing very well at school.p1040334

Tabita had 8 children, 6 of whom have passed away.  She herself suffers with stomach ulcers which prevent her from being able to do much and help support the family. Kelly’s brother Ashley is also sponsored through Ratidzo Trust. We’re delighted that Kelly now has a sponsor.  Thank you.

Favourite subject:  Shona
Favourite colour:  Green
Likes:  Soccer
Dislikes:  Athletics
What I would like to be when I grow up:  Teacher

To find out more about our Sponsorship Project or sponsoring a child, please contact us by email at

Community Support Projects

Chicken Broiler Project:  Chickens are a staple food in Zimbabwe, our project works by giving a family1 50 broiler chicks and the feed they need.  We train, show how to build an enclosure and to look after them and in 6 weeks they have chickens ready to sell.  We repeat this process three times, the first two times the income from the sales goes back into the project, paying for their next batch of chicks and also raising funds to help the next person.  By the third cycle they have learnt how to maintain the project and can start to support themselves. 3 families and a school are currently on this project and doing well.  

Chicken Roadrunner Project: For some it is easier to look after ‘Roadrunner’
2Chickens (Free Range).  These are left to roam free around the homestead and just need a safe shelter for the night.  Much easier to keep than broilers and although they take longer to grow, they are much more nutritious.  Families would be given 1 rooster and 10 hens, train, show how to look after and manage them.  Eventually they will have enough chickens to provide them with eggs and meat.  Also they will be able to give back or give to others the same as they were given.  We are currently working on building our stocks of chickens ready for starting this project.

Goat Project: We give 2 females and 1 male goat, we train, show how to build an enclosure3 and how to look after them.  As the goats breed and the kids are weaned they give us back 3 goats from their growing family of goats, so we can go on and help another family.  We continue to work with them so they can build a small herd. They can then use the herd for milk, meat and also for selling bringing income to support themselves. We currently have 11 families on goat projects and some of the goats have already started breeding.

We are looking into other project ideas such as quails, fish, duck, turkey, rabbit, vegetable gardening, bee keeping and chicken layers.  We will also support other ideas from the community and families we are trying to help.

Sanyati School Support Project

We have linked up with 4 schools in Sanyati, 3 Primary Schools and 1 Secondary School. Wozhele Primary School, St Charles Primary School, Sanyati Baptist Primary School and 1St Charles Secondary School.  Although there are many other schools in the area, these are the nearest schools to where our centre will be (in ward 11) and they have many needs.

All the schools have similarities but at the same time they are also very different.  All the schools prioritise the need for a reliable water source.  All have wells but they often dry up, particularly during the drier months, July to October.  Often children do not have water to drink or to wash their hands with. Along with this, a reliable electricity supply is also much needed.  The lack of water & electricity prevents or hinders the schools from running projects that could help the schools and the children i.e. vegetable gardening and poultry.

The 3 primary schools also have an ECD (Early Childhood Development) block (Reception
P1020743Class, which is now mandatory).  They are all overcrowded, usually a class is split in two, one group being taught inside while the other group are outside playing or learning under a tree, then they swap.

Text books, classroom furniture, building repairs, computers & sporting equipment are all on their needs list.

3We are looking for individuals, businesses, churches, funding organisations & groups to support our schools. With your help in donating to our School Support Project Fund, we aim to work with the schools to help them improve their circumstances and to enable them to put in place their own improvement program.


Current Projects
Wozhele Primary School Chicken Broiler Project. We have donated 50 chicks and feed so that the school can start a chicken broiler project. This is a 6 week cycle, reinvesting the money from sales to buy the next 50 chicks and using the profits from selling for specific aims. This will help raise much needed revenue for the school.

St. Charles Primary School a-MAIZE-ing Acres Project. We are planning to plant 2 acres of maize on the school grounds to help raise funds for two school projects – water tank and computers. We will update further details as the project gets underway.

For a more detailed profile of each of our schools or if you would like to donate to our fund please email us on

We are looking for donations towards these important sustainable projects.

If you would like to make a donation please email us on

Thank you for your help, you are helping to change lives.