Current Community Projects

Our Community Projects are run to help those in the community who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged including those living with disabilities, the elderly, orphans, schools and families of our sponsored children.  The projects are designed to help them improve their conditions of living but also so that they give back to the community by helping others.

Children School Sponsorship Project

In Zimbabwe education is not free, it costs from usd$15 (£12.50) a term at Primary School and from usd$50 (£42.00) a term at Secondary School (not including uniform, books, pens etc.).  Many orphans and vulnerable children’s families struggle to afford these fees and many children are forced to either drop out of school or not even start their education.

Every child deserves a chance to learn, a chance to change their lives. Education is the best chance they have, for some it is just a dream.

We are working with many orphans and vulnerable children to assist with their school fees, provide them uniform along with exercise books and pens.  Please help us by sponsoring our children, give them that chance and hope for their future.

School sponsorship

Your donation will support orphans & vulnerable children with school fees, uniform and stationery for 1 year.


By sponsoring our children, you will get photos, updates on their progress, a letter from them at least once a year and the opportunity to write to them in return.

Alongside our sponsorship project we also see it vitally important that we work with the children’s guardians/host families.  Helping them start sustainable income generating projects, that will enable them to improve their conditions of life, to feed themselves, produce income and afford to pay the school fees.  We support these families for 2 years.  In that time, we aim for each family to no longer need sponsorship, as the family will be well on their way to being self sufficient.  We can then go on and sponsor more children and families that are in similar need.

Below are just a few of the children on our 2019 – 2020 sponsorship register

To find out more about our Children School Sponsorship Project, please contact us by email at

Community Support Projects

Chicken Broiler Project:  Chickens are a staple food in Zimbabwe, our project works by giving a family1 50 broiler chicks and the feed they need.  We train, show how to build an enclosure and to look after them and in 6 weeks they have chickens ready to sell.  We repeat this process three times, the first two times the income from the sales goes back into the project, paying for their next batch of chicks and also raising funds to help the next person.  By the third cycle they have learnt how to maintain the project and can start to support themselves.  Our families are working together with 2 of our schools on this project and are doing well.  

Chicken Roadrunner Project: For some it is easier to look after ‘Roadrunner’
2Chickens (Free Range).  These are left to roam free around the homestead and just need a safe shelter for the night.  Much easier to keep than broilers and although they take longer to grow, they are much more nutritious.  Families would be given 1 rooster and 10 hens, train, show how to look after and manage them.  Eventually they will have enough chickens to provide them with eggs and meat.  Also they will be able to give back or give to others the same as they were given.  We are currently working on building our stocks of chickens ready for starting this project.

Goat Project: We give 2 females and 1 male goat, we train, show how to build an enclosure3 and how to look after them.  As the goats breed and the kids are weaned they give us back 3 goats from their growing family of goats, so we can go on and help another family.  We continue to work with them so they can build a small herd. They can then use the herd for milk, meat and also for selling bringing income to support themselves.

We are looking into other project ideas such as quails, fish, duck, turkey, rabbit, vegetable gardening, bee keeping and chicken layers.  We will also support other ideas from the community and families we are trying to help.

Support a family

Your donation will go to support a family with an income generating project.


Thank you for your help, you are helping to change lives.