Past Fundraising Campaigns



Thank you to all those that came to our quiz night.  We rasied £240 and one child got sponsored. We look forward to the next one.


                              2016 Project Wheel

Project Fundraising Wheel

In 2016, every 2 months we focused our efforts on different campaign projects to help support those orphaned and disadvantaged families we’re working with by not only providing a source of income but also a way to feed their families.

Our year started off brilliantly with January seeing all the 23 orphaned and disadvantaged school children we had on our register sponsored for their schooling for 2016.


In February and March our campaign was ‘Shell Out a Chick for Easter’

Check out our ‘Shell out a chick song’

Shell Out a Chick for Easter - Website Chickometer£3.00 enabled us to buy a chick which went towards helping one of our orphaned and disadvantaged families.  Our target by the end of March was to have ‘shelled out’ 500 Chicks to help 10 families.  Thank you to those who  supported the campaign, we managed to shell out 400 chicks which enabled us to help 3 of our families and a school start a chicken broiler project.

In April and May  our campaign was ‘Give Orphans A Tomorrow’ Our project worked by us giving a family 3 goats, 1 male and 2 female.  As the goats breed, the family gives us back 3 goats so we can then help another family.  They can then continue to build their herd and produce milk and income. We were able to help 11 families start GOAT projects – Thank you.

In June and July we ‘Chipped in a Quail’ managing to raise funds by selling eggs and quails. We hatched 577 quails and sold eggs, raising $700.  We were also able to give some quails to some of the families we are supporting for a healthy meal.

In August and September we ‘hopped’ to the task of breeding rabbits. 13  little kits were born and we’re looking forward to them growing when we’ll sell some to raise funds and also ‘Dish Out a Rabbit’ to our families for them to enjoy.

October and November we looked to test how green our fingers are and see if we could ‘Produce Income with Vegetable Gardening’!  We produced enough vegetables to feed and help some of our families start their own vegetable gardening.  We grew tomatoes, sweet cabbage, greens (kovo & rape), spinach, cucumbers, peppers, spring onion and broccoli and look to expand the variety and quantity next time round, so we can also sell some.

In December just before Christmas instead of the previously hoped ‘A Turkey Present for Xmas’, we were able to give 6 chickens to each of the 16 families we are working with in Zimbabwe.  The chickens are known as ‘roadrunners’ – free range, so they do not need much feeding and are easy to look after. The families will use these chickens to build up their own sustainable stocks and in time will be able to sell and eat the eggs and chickens.  These 96 chickens were hatched using our incubator and part of the project we were working on while there in 2016, so it’s great to see some of the results in action.

Thank you for your help in making all these projects possible and helping change lives.