Ratidzo Trust Scholarship

The Ratidzo Trust Scholarship is awarded to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who show high promise either academically or through a gift/talent.  The young person must show a desire, passion and commitment to learn, improve and achieve personal goals.  Also a willingness to give back, not only to their family but the community at large and a heart to help others.

The scholarship is aimed at giving the young person, a chance to make a difference in their life and that of their family and community.

Our first recipient of the Ratidzo Trust Scholarship is a young lad called Takunda Andrea, aged 11.


Takunda in his new school uniform

He showed great promise at primary school coming top in his year in most subjects and receiving many awards.  He achieved good end of primary school exam results, despite being at a poor rural school lacking teaching and learning resources.  He comes from a disadvantaged family living in rural Zimbabwe and has 4 siblings one whose a brother living with severe disabilities.  He has the ambition of becoming a pilot and we have every confidence that with this scholarship opportunity, he’ll no doubt achieve it!

After meeting him and his family we were even more determined to help.


Takunda’s family

We encouraged him to apply to the nearby Baptist High School, one of the best in the country and he was offered a place.  The Ratidzo Trust Scholarship is now covering his school fees giving him the chance of a great education and a bright future for him and his family.  We are excited to see where this leads him.

We now need help to cover his ongoing education, if you would like to donate to the Ratidzo Trust Scholarship then please do so below.







Thank you for your help, you are helping to change lives.