Ways you can support us

So you would like to help?  Thank you, here are some ways that you can get involved.

  1. Spread our cause – like, share, follow and comment on our Website, Facebook and Twitter
  2. Do you shop online? – 1,000 of retailers will give a free donation to us when you shop online at their stores.  To support us click easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/ratidzotrust
  3. Make an online donation – click gofundme.com/ratidzo-trust-no-to-poverty or email us at ratidzotrust@gmail.com
  4. Get involved, volunteer or raise funds – call or email us or visit our individual Fundraising Campaign Pages

How your donation can make a difference:

£5.00 – Will buy seeds for a Vegetable Project

£10.00 – Will buy school stationery for a disadvantaged child

£25.00 – Will help clothe an orphaned child

£50.00 – Will pay primary school fees for one year for an orphaned child

£75.00 – Will make 1500 bricks to help build our security wall

£ 100.00 – Will set up a Chicken Project for an orphaned family

£150.00 – Will produce an acre of maize to feed 2 families of 6 for a year

£250.00 – Will buy 20 Bee Hives

£500.00 – Will build a small home for a disadvantaged family

£1000.00 – Will help repair roofing at a rural school

£3000.00 – Will provide a reliable water source (borehole) to a school

Thank you for your help, you are helping to change lives.