We need your help

We have received a desperate message regarding Edeliwe Nyamadzawo and her family.1

Edeliwe had to travel to her sister just over two weeks ago, to collect some money that her sister was hoping to give her from her pension.  It appears that for some reason no money was available and Edeliwe is now stuck many miles from her grandchildren and doesn’t have the money to get back home.  The grandchildren have been on their own looking after themselves for over two weeks now.  Tadiwa, the eldest of the grandchildren who is 11, has had to cook and look after the other 3 grandchildren and their disabled uncle.  The local pastor’s wife who first brought this family to our attention has been trying to help with food and communicating with Edeliwe.  The local community is rallying round to help where they can.  They will be able to plough a small portion of the land for her, so that she can sow seeds and start to provide for herself and her family going forward.  In the meantime members of the community are putting together aid where they can, but they are all also struggling and do not have  a lot to give.

On top of this, the building they used as their kitchen has collapsed in the recent rains and the building you see above, that they all live and sleep in has cracked & is leaking.  We would like to raise funds to be able to build a new home for this family.

We have been able to send some money over for the family, pay for some maize seeds and basic food and to get Edeliwe back home.  This was taken from a donation made by the sponsors here in the UK of two of the grandchildren Beauty and Tatenda – Thank you!

We desperately need your help to provide for this family until we are able to return and set up long term sustainable projects with them.  We are kindly asking for your donations to enable us to help this family further.  So if you are able, please give generously.

£5 would buy maize seeds

£10 would buy a pair of shoes or item of clothing

£20 would buy soap, candles and other essentials

£50 would feed this family of 6 for a month

£100 would pay for repairs to their house and the leaking roof

£250 would help set up an income generating project

£500 would buy enough bricks to build a 2 roomed house

Please if you can Donate to Ratidzo Trust

Thank you, you are helping to change lives.


We are pleased to say that Edeliwe is now home.

Pictures show food package being greatly received by the family and some of the damage to their buildings.

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