Last few days

So tomorrow (Friday 6th) is our last day in Sanyati before we head back to Harare and our flight back to the UK on Tuesday 10th. It’s going to be a shock getting back to UK winter temperatures after 30’s+ sunshine here. Sometimes it has been too hot!!
We have put together a committee and had a meeting with the members just to go over our ideas and plans. The committee consists of 8 people including the councillor and the pastor of the Baptist Church. The idea of the committee is to be the eyes and ears here in Sanyati, to raise awareness in the community and be a link into the community, to identify and verify those members of the community most in need and finally and most importantly, for prayer support. Psalm 127 says “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.”

We also really wanted to re-visit the schools we went to right at the start of our trip, nearly 2 months ago. Just to touch base with them and to let them know that we hadn’t forgotten about them and we are still looking into ways we can help. We spent the morning going to each of the 4 schools and it was a real reminder just how much need there is in the schools. The schools also really appreciated us taking the time to go back and see them and they said that it meant so much that we had returned and gave them great encouragement. We gathered a bit more information about each school and met the other Heads that we hadn’t had a chance to meet on our first visit. Driving into one of the schools – St Charles Primary, we noticed a missing roof on one of the classrooms. They had told us before about the problems they had with the roofs and just the week before a whirlwind hit the school and took off one of the roofs. We have also been invited to Sanyati Baptist Primary School’s awards day tomorrow, Friday, which will be interesting to see.

We have also had the chance to do a bit of work on Mum’s house, the paint on the ceiling had been badly peeling and had water damage, so we have managed to remove all the old paint and repaint the ceiling. Also Edline has spent some time tidying, sorting and rearranging the house, sometimes more than Mum would like!, but it has made a real difference and Mum likes her clean, tidy home.

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