Drought Hits Zimbabwe

We have had reports from Sanyati that things have been very bad, with people struggling to keep their crops and livestock alive.  There has been some recent rains in the area but much more is needed.

The following report is from Voice of America Website.

Drought continues to ravage Zimbabwe as the El Nino weather phenomenon causes havoc in southern Africa and other parts of the world.

Local development experts say the situation is bad in Matabeleland North and South, some parts of the Midlands, Masvingo and Manicaland provinces.

One of the development experts, Everson Ndlovu, told Studio 7 farmers have lost hundreds of livestock in all these regions.

“The situation is very bad. There is no crop to speak about in most rural areas. I have been to Matobo in the mountains very close to Bulawayo that wet spell has encouraged some farmers to plant sweet potatoes. They are busy planting it right now.

“Some cattle are already dying but thanks to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and the government (because) in some areas of the country they deliver stock feed which is selling almost half the price what you would find in town.”

He urged farmers to sell some of their livestock in order to save a few remaining ones by buying some stock feed.

The World Food Program says just over 1,5 million Zimbabweans need food aid.

The drought situation has claimed over 5,000 cattle in Masvingo and other regions due to lack of pastures and drinking water.

The dry spell has caused untold suffering among local people who are struggling to have a decent meal per day.

Report from Voice of America website – Gibbs Dube
30.01.2016 02:39

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