Weekly Diary – Week 2

What is it they say about best laid plans? Certainly this week lived up to it. Our plans for delivering goats and starting the chicken projects took a bit of a delay due to various reasons but we are happy to say that they are up and running again now. Only three goats for the projects were able to be given last week but six more were been handed over this morning 5/4/16 for two more projects. We are hoping (not using the planning word!) to be able to complete the goat handing over process this week. The broiler chicken project training should also hopefully start at the end of this week.

We have managed to get sizes of school uniforms and shoes for all the sponsored children and we will be ordering them this week. We will also be purchasing books, pens, pencils, rulers, covers and other essentials for each child ready for their return to school after a long Easter break on the 3rd of May.

We took delivery of approx. 400 fish early Easter Sunday morning for the small tanks we have built. We had an interesting time transporting 300kg of sand & mud from the local river to put at the bottom of one of the tanks. With the coils gone in Mums car, we had to run along behind the car to lessen the load over the pot holed road to stop the car touching bottom! Then late one evening another batch of fish were delivered from a local church in Arda (they have a small pond in their grounds and kindly donated some fish for us). So we have plenty of white and red Bream in our tanks, they take about 3-4 months to grow large enough to start harvesting. We look forward to being able to eat as well as sell some of the fish and in time hope to expand this side of the project further. We still have a desire to try aquaponics & see how that could be used in this area, but will have to wait until funds allow us to get it set up.

We also took delivery of our incubator, it arrived at 1.30am in the morning and once it was set up and we were trained on operating it, it was 4am. Interesting delivery time slot!! We have put a first small batch of Quail eggs in but really need to wait until we have back up power (we have tried to get the old generator we have here repaired but it seems impossible due to lack of available parts, so we intend to buy a new one this week sometime). We already have people asking about Quails and wanting some once we start incubating.

A small brick building to house our goats has been built, we are keeping 1 male and 2 females here and intend to breed them, again as a small project for the Trust. (One female is already pregnant and could drop any day!)

A breakdown of poultry, livestock & fish we have as we start to increase the project.
1 x Turkey (hoping to buy more soon)
2 x Guinea Fowls (currently sitting on 8 eggs)
3 x Ducks
3 x Goats
15 x Pigeons
23 x Rabbits
30 x Roadrunner Chickens
50 x Broiler Chicks
70 x Quails
300+ Fish

We hope to see it expand quickly.

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