Weekly Diary 6 – Not on a road to nowhere!

This week we visited many of the OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children) and their families as we could. One reason was to check the progress of the projects they had started but the main reason was to hand out school uniform and stationery. We spent a very enjoyable few days, including my birthday, travelling to their homes or getting those close enough to come to us to try on the uniforms to make sure they fit ok. We also took photos of them in the uniforms to send back to their sponsors. It was interesting driving to some of the homes which were some way from the main road, some of which were not really passable in a small saloon car but we made it there and back again. One home in particular was difficult to find, we met the father on the main road and he directed us. We wondered where we were going as we drove further and further down narrow & uneven dirt tracks, let alone how we would find our way out again! (we did without getting lost I’m pleased to say). It’s back to school after the holidays on 3rd May and it’s great that all our sponsored children who needed new uniform had it and all the stationery they needed to start the new term. We are looking forward to visiting the schools again and seeing how we can work with them further.

The car continues to play up and is a constant growing concern, particularly the wear and tear it’s getting. At the back of our minds is that this is Mums car and a lifeline for her, so we need to make sure that it is still a usable car for her when we return to the UK. We are trying to use it as little as possible, although this does mean that sometimes we can’t do all that we want, which can be frustrating but we continue to get by.

Cucumbers, butternut squash, sweet cabbages and tomatoes have been moved from the seed beds into growing beds in the garden. All the vegetables we sowed have started to come up now, it’s a constant battle to stop them drying out, even now when it’s not so hot and we are watering 2 sometimes 3 times a day. We can see how people struggle to grow crops for themselves, we are blessed to be in an area with a high water table which means our well does not dry up. Many are not so lucky, some also have their own wells but these tend to dry up, while others have to walk to the nearest community borehole which is often many kilometres away. We hope in a few months to have plenty of fresh vegetables to eat, sell and give to others.

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