Weekly Diary 11 – Home alone

The first broiler chicken project with one of our families completed its 6 week cycle this week, from day old chicks through to selling at 6 weeks old. There were no losses/deaths and the full 50 chickens have now been sold at $6 each. The family has now ordered it’s next batch of 50 chicks, started paying back the initial investment by the Trust and have made a small profit too. Great to see one of the projects up and running the way it was planned and being successful.

The vegetable garden is coming along nicely and we hope to be able to pick some greens and spinach next week. The tomatoes will need support soon as they are getting bigger and we have also sown some broccoli to add to the mix.
Thanks to the wonderful pastor, leadership and members of Godalming Baptist Church we can now start to look for a suitable 4×4 vehicle. A very kind and generous donation was received and it will be a great relief to have our own car and not to have to use Mum’s and add to the wear and tear. We just need to find the right one now!
Mum left for the UK on Monday, we dropped her off in Harare to catch her flight the next day, so we are now home alone (with the help of Langton). We hope we remember all we have learned from her and that we don’t kill everything and she hopes she has some home left when she returns!!!

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