a-MAIZE-ing House Sit

We have been back in the UK now for a couple of months and we have been pretty busy. We had a great time at Busbridge Junior School bringing them news from St Charles Primary School.  The children at Busbridge were excited to see pictures of the children at St Charles and to receive replies to their letters.  The children have chosen to pay to watch a film this term to raise some money for the school and we showed them how the money would be used to plough, sow and grow 2 acres of maize at the school.  This would then be sold and the money raised will be used to buy a water tank and tower, so the school could have running water.  We also had a small stall at the school’s Christmas Fair, where we sold jewellery made by a lady in Sanyati from seeds, cow bone and cow horn, reeds and locally found materials.  We raised £150, half of which will be sent directly to the lady to help her pay school fees for her 3 children.

It has been good to be able to report back to both Godalming Baptist Church and Brixham Baptist Church on our work and to thank them for their support and prayers.  We will be having a Church night at Godalming Baptist Church in the New Year, when we will be able to show more about what we have been doing and our plans going forward.

Senior moments, a lovely group of people who meet at Godalming Baptist Church, allowed us to join them again for their meeting. It was a pleasure to able to share with them and thank them for their support.

We have a Christmas fair to do in Godalming on Saturday 10th December and hope to sell more jewellery to raise more funds and to raise the profile of the Charity.

The work in Sanyati continues in our absence, recent rains means that we can soon start to plough the land at St Charles Primary School ready to sow maize.  The broiler chicken and goat projects are going well, although high temperatures have affected the chickens.  We had a few weeks where it was just too hot and we put the broiler chicken project on hold but they have started up again now.

During our time in the UK we are enjoying house sitting for people, spending a few weeks at a time looking after their homes and pets. It gives us time to reflect and plan for the future as we seek more financial support for our charity and our personal finances.  We can not do this work with out ongoing financial support and ask if anyone would like to support us in this way then please contact us, thank you.

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