Wet Chicken

Just before Christmas we were able to give 6 chickens to each of the 16 families we are working with in Zimbabwe. (a few pictures attached) The chickens are known as ‘roadrunners’ – free range, so they do not need much feeding and are easy to look after. The families will use these chickens to build up their own sustainable stocks and in time will be able to sell and eat the eggs and chickens.
These 96 chickens were hatched using our incubator and part of the project we were working on while there in 2016, so it’s great to see some of the results in action.

It has been very wet in the area over the last few days, many people are saying it is the worst they have seen for many years.  We have heard of a few houses being damaged and crops destroyed, although we are not sure yet if any of the families we are working with have been affected.  We wait to hear as we try to get word around to find out if they are all ok.

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