Hair – raising

Support children living with disabilities. To cut or not to cut? Could be ‘hair today gone tomorrow!’ It’s time to ‘lose it’ or ‘keep it’.Presentation1

My hair has been either loved or hated, a bit like marmite! So it’s down to you, donate and comment (stating amount) if you want me to ‘keep it’ or ‘lose it’. If ‘keep it’ raises the most then the long hair stays for another year, if ‘lose it’ raises the most then it’s off to the barbers for me! The cut hair will also be sent to the Little Princess Trust (charity providing real hair wigs for children suffering with hair loss).

All money raised will go towards our work with children living with disabilities in rural Zimbabwe. This will enable them to go to school and learn alongside able bodied children.

Please give generously, you are helping to change lives. Thank you!

Go to our Just Giving site to donate and vote

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