Acts of kindness

Back in Zimbabwe, after a short Christmas and New Year trip to the UK. It has been great to catch up with the Andrea family and see the progress on their house.

The outside is now nearly complete, just a veranda to do, while the inside still needs finishing off with the doors being fitted this week. We were also able to deliver some donations sent from the UK. 20190128_172136A corner seat for Andrea so he can sit up with the rest of his family, a whole load of nutritional shakes, strawberry & banana flavour which he is loving, 20190128_171618some plastic sheets amongst other things. Thank you again to the Barringer family for your donation and to one of Sam Barringer’s carers who sent a gift which has gone towards some medication that Andrea needs.

We were also visited but another mother and her young daughter with similar disabilities,20190129_165828 who were in need of help, mainly for a wheelchair. 20190129_171306Knowing the Andrea family had just bèen given a bigger one we asked them if their old one was available. They were delighted to be able to give back after all the support they have been given. Great to see how an act of kindess can multiply!

We thank Sekuru Nathan for looking after the community projects while we were away. 20190209_144144The garden has done well with spinach already being sold and donated and tomatoes just starting to ripen. The cabbages haven’t faired so well but we have managed to sell and donate a few.

In the fowl run we are now down to just 10 hyland brown layers after a flu virus affected them, we get 8-10 eggs a day. We have added more roadrunner chickens and now have 28 hens being fed as layers, some have just started to lay!. Along with this we have another 29 hens and 4 cocks set up for breeding.


Multicoloured chicken nesting box.

They also have started laying and we have 3 hens already sitting on eggs. Along with the 10 ducks, 4 ducklings and another 13 cocks, the fowl run is becoming a busy, noisy place!

We are still in the process of assessing the new batch of 10 children for school sponsorship for 2019/2020. This has been made difficult due to fuel shortages, teacher strikes and the general difficulties in the country right now. We hope to have a full list of the children and their families shortly. Also we are looking at how to best work with the families going forward due to the current economic situation.

There is so much more going on and we will do an update next week.

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