9 Piglets

This is a blog from December 2019, due to connection problems in Zimbabwe we were unable to post it.

I guess the highlight of the last month (Well for me anyway, maybe not Edline) was being asked to be guest of honour at Wozhele Primary School end of year graduation and prize giving day. Crazy fools asking me!! It was a great honour giving out certificates and placing hats on an endless line of kids. Poor things even had to put up with a speech from me and witness a little dance!

Our lean on me project really got going as we were able to give out 20 pairs of crutches and walking sticks to some of our disability group, along with some reading glasses. KODAK Digital Still CameraWe plan to give out more crutches shortly.

We held our first Bee Against Poverty beekeeping training. 12 locals including a group from the Sanyati Baptist High School had 2 days of basic beekeeping training, including building a hive, how to bait and place trap boxes and the structure of a bee colony. At the end of the training they all received a certificate.

Following on from the training we set up 3 beekeeping projects. One at the local high school, where we donated 2 hives, bee suits, smoker and tools, another with a local beekeeper who uses traditional hives but now knows modern techniques. We also donated to him a hive, bee suit, smoker and tools. The 3rd project was with a local young couple who do vegetable gardening. Again we were able to donate a hive, bee suit, smoker and tools. We now await the buzz of bees!

We have cleared our community vegetable garden and have installed drip irrigation. This should not only save water but also allow us to utilise the space better and grow more produce. We have sown cabbages, tomatoes, potatoes, greens, spinach, carrots, onions, shallots, peppers & chillies.20191204_083457.jpg

On the 7th December it was national tree planting day in Zimbabwe. We joined in, planting 16 more fruit trees in our orchard.

Also our flower garden is growing well, sunflowers are already out and full of bees. The rosella is also growing well and we have just sown some chia which is similar to lavender.

The infamous Sanyati road has been taking it’s toll on the car, one puncture, two spot welding efforts to secure bumpers, both front shocks replaced and a rear stabilizer still to fix. Not to mention several wires coming loose resulting in various malfunctions and stopages. But despite this the old girl is coping well and gets us around.

Betty (our pregnant) sow gave birth to 9 healthy piglets without any fuss, clever girl! We have also ordered the Makota pigs which we hope will arrive this week, the pig home has finally been finished and is ready for them to take ownership.80235936_2923813147630327_7270726260228096000_n

An update on the well, it’s been slow digging due to rain. Although full rains haven’t come the odd day here and there stops digging for a few days each time.
They are over halfway now and hope to hit water before Christmas. If rains hold off then hopefully it can still get finished and bricked up.

Only a month till we leave and still lots to do, will do another update before then.

Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year.

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