Starting Up

God has called us to mission work – Gulp!  Where, When, What and How, we had no idea but knew we should be doing something.  So we offered ourselves and started looking.

We had already spoken about Sanyati in 2012 following a holiday to visit Edline’s Mum. Questions about how to use the buildings and land available and how to make best use of these resources arose.  3 years on and another trip over and it became clear to use it to help the community of Sanyati in some way.

So here we are, planning a mission trip to the area to find out what is needed and to make connections and contacts.  We aim to go out in September 2015 for 2 months and God willing, return again early 2016 to start the work.

Its an exciting, somewhat daunting time but we look forward to seeing where God leads.

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