Learning Shona

Learning any language for me is a big challenge, as Edline says I can barely speak English !

Although English is spoken by the majority of people in Zimbabwe, I feel it is important for me to learn the language, at least enough for simple communication. Hellos, greetings, how are you etc etc. Also it will help with building strong relationships and so that I can join in general conversations and know what is being said.

I have started with some You tube training, getting to know the sounds of the vowels has helped, how to break down words and pronounce them and general greetings.

Mangwanani – Good morning

Makasimba – How are you

Masikati – Good Afternoon

That kind of thing.

I already know the respectful greeting used when you have not seen someone for sometime or meeting someone new – Makadiyi – also with clapping hands at the same time. Often met with Edline and her Mum laughing at me doing it, but I will fit in !!

I’m trying to build in a hour a day, 3 or 4 days a week. If anyone has any good resources please let me know.

I will keep you updated with my journey……

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  1. Clare B says:

    Thanks for posting tthis


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