Date for trip

So we have a date for our trip – September 9th returning on November 10th.  We have put a deposit on the flights as the prices are beginning to rise. We are still short of what we need to cover the trip but pray and trust in God for this. We thank all those who have very kindly given or offered financial support so far, it has been amazing how God provides.

I’ve had a top up of the injections I need, Hepatitis and Typhoid, just need to sort out Malaria tablets. Edline didn’t need anything so did not get the sore arm!! Edline’s mum has indicated that there is a strong strain of Malaria in the area and to bring mosquito nets as hers have holes in. I think we’ll pack a whole case of mosquito repellent!

We are starting now to make plans, sorting a vehicle while in Zimbabwe, finding out who we need to speak to first in the area and make sure we do things in the correct order. We are looking into other projects going on out there that we may be able to visit and get ideas and advice from.

Can’t believe that we will soon be out there, how a dream/vision becomes reality so quickly.

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2 Responses to Date for trip

  1. Bob Smith says:

    well done both, enjoy your trip.


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