1 Week to go

Suddenly its only a week to go !

We have spent the day packing as we head back to Surrey for a week before we head off. You would have thought that 40 kilos each would be plenty, but 2 months packing weighs a lot. 4 large cases are now packed and ready to go.

We have been battling the weather to get some car boot sales done, we managed two over the bank holiday weekend and raised over £ 150. Again a big thank you to those who donated items. (We have another £50 to follow from some items sold on ebay).

Things done:

Grass cut, car cleaned (even passed its MOT), house cleaned & bags packed

Things still to do.

Hair cuts (both), money exchange, pay for tickets, get malaria tablets & celebrate Mum & Dads Golden Wedding.

Oh and yes we have our passports (somewhere)

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