On our way

Today we leave for Zimbabwe, a mix of excitement and apprehension with what lies ahead.  Our flight leaves at 22.15pm from Heathrow, arriving in Harare at 17.10pm on Thursday 11th via Dubai and Lusaka – 15 hours of flying. We are being met at the airport by family and staying overnight with them before they drive us to Sanyati the next day. A big THANK YOU to them. So we will be in Sanyati on Friday probably early afternoon.

We have heard that Edline’s Mums car that we hoped to be using for local trips needs a couple of new tyres and some work done. We don’t know how much this will cost but we guess its the first of a few issues we will have on our trip!

On a more positive note we will be meeting the local councillor possibly on Monday to discuss our community project. It is key to get his support as he can advise and connect us with other people we need to talk to and link up with.

Edline’s Mum has said there is plenty of veg in her garden, roadrunner (chickens) to eat and lots of locally caught fish, but no fresh corn, so its looks like we wont go hungry!

The garden and chicken breeding are areas we want to look at and improve on to help the project be as self-sustaining as possible, and its great that we can look to build on what is already there.

We are still looking for additional financial support during our time in Zimbabwe, so if you are able and would like to make a donation please email us.


Once again we thank you all so much for your prayers, words of support and financial gifts.

Richard & Edline

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