Desperate Situation

We received a message from a local pastor’s wife about a family living not far from us. The report was of 5 children being looked after by their grandmother and they had nothing. The pastor’s wife said they often came to her for food and they were relying/begging from neighbours as well.

We decided to go and visit them to see for ourselves. Eventually we found the home, via a neighbour taking us to them. We could not drive to them as there was no access, so parked at their neighbours.

Walking into their small homestead you could see straight away that this was a desperate situation. Just two small round buildings making up their home. One was the kitchen and the other we later learnt was where all 6 of the family lived and slept.

Talking to the grandmother we found out that she has 4 grandchildren she was looking after and a son who has disabilities. She has problems with her back and legs which makes it hard for her to provide for them. The grandchildren were from three of her children, two who had passed away and the youngest it seems has been abandoned by her father. The eldest Tadiwa aged 11 is being helped through schooling by a charity, Beacon of Hope (set up by Edline’s late aunt). Beauty aged 8 is only in year 1 and started school late due to lack of money for fees as has her cousin Tatenda aged 7. We met Beauty and Tatenda, who despite obviously having nothing, dressed in rags, covered in dust, were happy bright children.

A really desperate situation, hard to see especially as you know it’s not an isolated case and there are many other families living in similar circumstances.

We spoke to the grandmother about why we were there, told her we were looking to see what needs there are and that we could not promise anything. The last thing we want to do is give her false hope, but even if we do nothing else here, it would be great to get sponsors for these two gorgeous children and to be able to help their grandmother to look after them.

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