We wait to hear…

While in Harare we met up with several people who had either been involved in running similar projects or who were setting up projects of one kind or another.  One thing that came out of these meetings was the need to get approval to work in a particular area.  This coincided with the councillor getting a message to us about needing us to write a letter/proposal for the CEO of Sanyati Rural District Council.   He said it was all just a formality but something that needed to be done.  We got some advice from Belinda who had done a similar letter for her project a few years back.

We travelled with the councillor to Kadoma, 1 ½hrs drive on our favourite road!!  Met with the CEO, who had already been briefed by the councillor previous to our meeting.  He read our proposal, asked a few questions and in less than 5 minutes our meeting was over.  The proposal has to go before a committee (that both he and our councillor sit on), he gave the impression that there should be no problem seeing we are wanting to help the community.

The councillor reassured us again that it was all just formality and to continue to make plans, as it seems the letter of approval would not arrive before we head back to the UK.

We wait to hear…

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