Incubating our return

Our return to Zimbabwe seems very close now, tickets have been booked for Wednesday March 16th, returning October 4th. We are filled with an interesting mix of nervous excitement and scary realisation that this is actually happening, but at the same time we are really looking forward to getting out there and starting the work.

We have been busy fundraising for the projects and spent many a happy hour doing paperwork to apply for charity status (the application went in a week ago, fingers crossed all will go through without any complications). We have given several talks about our plans and even have a school assembly to do next week (which is a very scary thought!)

On the subject of schools, it’s fantastic that we have two schools already looking to link up with 2 of our 4 schools in Sanyati.  All the schools are very excited about the opportunity to learn from and about each other and are looking forward to building strong relationships.

We have started packing (well Edline has!), trying to squeeze everything into our 40 kilo each bag allowance, it sounds a lot but………….

One of the first things we have planned in Zimbabwe is to visit a hospital that has an up and running Aquaponics system (fish and vegetables growing system), we are really looking forward to seeing this in operation  and as to how we could incorporate a similar system into our project – watch this space.

We have also ordered an incubator, which should be delivered the first week we are there. This is mainly for Quails but can also be used for chicken & duck eggs and should help us greatly in supporting ourselves and the projects.

So I guess the countdown has started only 17 days to go at time of writing this blog.




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