Bringing Schools Together

We are delighted that we have been able to set up links for two of our schools in Sanyati, with schools in the UK.  Sanyati Baptist Primary school with Highweek Primary School in Newton Abbott, Devon and St. Charles Primary School with Busbridge Junior School in Godalming Surrey.

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The schools are very excited to have the opportunity to learn from and about each other.  Children will get the chance to write letters, send pictures and to learn about another culture and about another way of life.  We are really looking forward to seeing the links develop and are also very excited about future possibilities that could come about.

We had the pleasure of taking an assembly at Busbridge Junior School,  showing and telling the children about St. Charles Primary School.  We also showed them some of the children from the school, their homes and how they live.  The school wanted to get involved in our Shell Out  A Chick For Easter Campaign and the children loved singing along to our Shell Out A Chick song and are looking forward to buying their chicks and helping families in Zimbabwe.

We still have two schools looking for a link up.  If you have any contacts in schools that might be interested, please pass on our details, thank you.



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