Weekly Diary 14/15 – A drop in the eye!

Work has now started on Edeliwe’s house, the foundations have been dug & bricks have been made.  We dropped off the first few bags of cement and dpc and we will be making regular visits to see how the work is getting on.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks the house will be finished and ready for the family to move into.

We have been able to donate 50 chicks and feed to Wozhele Primary School, so that they could start a broiler chicken project to raise much needed funds for the school.  We are still looking into how other projects could work with the other schools to help them raise funds also.

Visiting our sponsored families gave us the opportunity to donate a chicken each for them to eat and to check on how their individual projects were going.  We are delighted that 2 goats have already given birth and another 4 are pregnant.  Another two chicken projects have run their 6 weeks cycle, chickens have been sold and they are now ready to order their next batch of chicks.  We were also able to pray with some of the families and it’s lovely that they wanted to pray for us and to thank God.

The search for a vehicle continues and we are very grateful to Martin, an old school friend of Edline’s, who has been test driving numerous cars for us.  For various reasons only a couple have been anywhere near suitable and so we have been unable to purchase one as yet.  We hope that we will be able to in the next few weeks.

90 boschveld chicks and over 200 quail chicks have recently been added to our growing family from our incubator.  It is still not working 100%, which means we are not getting as good a percentage of hatchings as we should, which is somewhat annoying!  We are trying to get it serviced and wait for the technician to turn up.

We had great fun one morning catching over 150 birds to vaccinate them against Newcastle disease. The vaccine is free from the vets and all you have to do is apply 1 drop in one eye of each bird. It didn’t actually take as long as we thought it would.

One of our challenges here is that we are often being asked if we can help with a particular situation.  It is hard deciding who/where/how we can help and where we can’t.  We had a young mother visit us one morning, she has a 7 year old son living with disabilities.  He needs regular physio on

his legs and goes once a month to the local hospital.  He attends his local school, where 3 days a week he is collected and taken to school and then back home again. The school can’t afford the fuel to transport him every day and so the other 2 days his Mum has to carry him the 2km or so.  We will be going to see his physiotherapist and to visit his school and are looking at how we may be able to help.

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