Weekly diary 16/17 – Super Trooper

We are delighted that we finally have a vehicle, an Isuzu Trooper 3.1 Diesel, 1998.  This will make such a difference to our work and we have already used it to transport a load of bricks.  We are sure we heard mum’s car heave a sigh of relief when it turned up!!  Thanks again to the members of Godalming Baptist Church for their kind donation towards the purchase of this vehicle.  We can now go places other cars cannot!!

The building of Edeliwe’s house is going well, up to roof stage now.  The work has been slightly hindered because of lack of available building supplies locally i.e cement, door frames and roofing, but it looks like the house should be finished soon.  We have asked the pastor of Sanyati Baptist Church to come and bless the house once it is completed.

Two of our rabbits have finally given birth and we currently have 7 kits snuggled in their nests. We hope they survive.  We have taken all the males out of the rabbit house and put them in a separate cage.  We are controlling the breeding now putting one female and a male together for a few days and then another pair, we hope this brings better results.

We think our goat may well be pregnant again, either that or she’s eating way too much! Maybe Belle will soon have a brother or sister (or both) to play with.

We had the pleasure of going to the 50th anniversary of Sanyati Baptist High School, we were actually given VIP status (not sure why!) but it was lovely to hear about the success of the school (100% pass rate at A level last year!)  Some of the children danced, some sang, recited poetry and some even rapped to entertain us.  It was nice to be part of their celebrations.

All the other projects are ticking along nicely and we continue to look at other ideas and ways of helping.

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