Weekly Diary 18/19 – Agriculture VIP

Building of Edeliwe’s house continues to be held up by lack of supplies.  However, plastering has now been finished on the outside. Once the inside is done, the doors can be hung and then it will be ready for the family to move in.  They are really excited about their new house and we can’t wait to see them moving in.

We went to The Sanyati Agriculture show to have a look around. We were welcomed by being given VIP status, we didn’t know what was going on but as we were introduced to the crowd we found out that Edline’s Dad had been instrumental in starting the show and it was lovely to hear how people still remember all the good he tried to do in the area and how he is still held in high esteem.  There were dances by some local school children and prizes given out to farmers and locals for good yield, as well as people exhibiting things they had grown and made, along with a show of traditional tools.  Next year we hope to be able to exhibit at the show ourselves.

Wozhele Primary School’s chicken broiler project has gone well and they have started to sell the chickens.  They have told us they want to use the money raised for specific school needs rather than just to go into the general fund.  We wait to hear of their plans and hopefully they will be ordering their next batch soon.  One of our families has now finished their 2nd broiler project and are about to order their third batch, it is fantastic to see the project working as we planned.  Two other families are on their 2nd broiler project and should be starting to sell in the next week.

We are hoping to be able to go and visit all the families we are working with over the next couple of weeks just to catch up and see how things are going.

Our vegetable garden continues to produce and keeps us fed.  We pick spinach & greens daily and we have also enjoyed cucumbers, spring onion & cabbage.  Birds are our biggest problem eating the veg and tomatoes. We have set up nets over the tomatoes to try and stop them and are hoping for a bumper harvest.

We have also been able to give tomato seedlings to 4 local families and have helped Edeliwe set up a vegetable garden supplying her with tomato seedlings, kovo (greens) and spring onion cuttings.  We also bought her some rat poison to help stop the rats from eating her veg, which has stopped her gardening in the past.  We hope the garden will help to feed the family going forward.

The local main road that was bulldozed recently to cover up some of the potholes has started to get bad again and we are so grateful that we now have the 4×4 to help us get around.  It has been put to good use delivering building supplies and 50kg bags of feed amongst other things.  We have also had it sign-written with our logo on the doors and we often get asked what Ratidzo Trust is about.

It’s great that we are getting to be known around the area and have the opportunity to tell people about our work and how all we’re doing is sharing God’s love.

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2 Responses to Weekly Diary 18/19 – Agriculture VIP

  1. Lets keep helping the communities.Your presence in these communities is very virtal guys ,don’t get tired in helping those valnerable groups .May God bless you guys ,I know the funding will come by the Grace of the lord


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