Chickens raise funds for school

While we were in Zimbabwe during 2016, we set up a broiler chicken project with Wozhele Primary School.  We gave them 50 chicks along with the feed required to grow the chickens to full size in 6 weeks.  This was the first time they had run a chicken project, so was a bit of a learning curve for them. They used a spare room in one of the teacher’s houses to keep the chickens & one teacher took charge of the project.

We are pleased to hear back that the project is going well, with the school re-investing into the project.  They have now raised over $300 and have allocated this to paying fees for 5 orphaned children who attend the school.  This allows the children to attend school and also brings fees into the school that they weren’t able to get before.

Plans now are to use the chicken project to raise further funds to hopefully purchase a water tank, allowing the school to have running water on site for the first time.


Wozhele school starting a chicken broiler project

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