A Yummy Quiz

We had a great evening on Saturday 25th February at our Fundraising Quiz.  37 people competed in 5 teams in a fun challenging quiz that both teased and confused the mind.  The teams were all named in a way that linked to one of our projects, Chickened Out, a-MAIZE-ingly Cornfused, Keep Calm and Incubate, Beez Kneez and Quail of a time.  The 6 rounds had 12 questions per round worth 10 points each and each team allowed to play a joker on one round to double any points they achieved on that round.  There was also a bonus round of unusual pictures of every day things and the teams had to work out what they were.  At the end of the night there was only 3 points between the top two teams, with Keep Calm and Incubate just running out winners from a-MAIZE-ingly Cornfused.  Quail of a Time came 5th (last) but did win a fun pun round.

At the break £84 was raised with our dessert dash, where teams bid to get first choice of the lovely desserts made by the charity’s trustees.  Cup cakes, banoffe pie, eclairs, roulade and tarts were all very popular and helped feed the minds of our contestants.

We also had on display information about our current projects, BEE Against Poverty, Be a Brick Buy a Brick and a-MAIZE-ing Acres and also had some of our beautiful jewellery for sale.  One person kindly stepped forward to sponsor one of our orphans and vulnerable childen and it was good to be able to spread the word about our work.

A big thank you to all the Trustees for making desserts and a special mention to our fantastic quizmaster Mr Eric Jarman (trustee) for coming up with a fantastic quiz.  We raised £240 for the charity, so a big thank you again to all who attended.

We look forward to the next one!


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