Eight or Ate?

We are delighted to report that all of our 25 orphans & vulnerable children are once again sponsored for this academic year.  At one point we had 8 needing sponsorship, due to some sponsors having to stop their support for various reasons.  It’s great that all the youngsters will be attending school again this year and will all be able to concentrate on lessons rather than wondering if they will even be at school the next day.  It also takes away the pressure from their host families trying to find the fees to keep them at school.  This can often be a difficult choice between sending them to school or eating that day.  Not a choice many of us have had to face but a real everyday situation for many in Sanyati.  This sponsorship really does make a difference.

Two of them will this year be sitting their ‘0’ levels, so it’s an important year for them and we wish them all the best.


THANK YOU so very much, from all of us!

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