10,000 Reasons to be cheerful

We had some amazing news recently when we were awarded a £10,000 grant from Kitchen Table Charities Trust towards our work in Sanyati.  We applied for this grant last year while in Zimbabwe and are delighted as it will make such a massive difference to the community and our work.

The grant money will be used to erect a security fence around our land (8700sqm), site and drill a borehole with pump & a 5,000 litre tank, set up a community garden with shade greenhouse and plant an orchard.  The community garden will be run to help the families we are working with and supporting.  The produce will be sold to bring in income and a percentage of the produce will be donated to the community to help those most in need.  A fowl run will be built which will mean we can increase our chicken projects to include roadrunners, layers and broilers, along with ducks, guinea fowl, turkeys and quails.  This will enable us to breed chickens to donate to our families so they can start their own chicken projects.  We will be able to increase our donation of chickens to the local hospital & other community groups as well as sell birds and eggs to raise funds for the charity’s work.  Along with this we will build both a rabbit house and goat house, again increasing the projects we can run and the number of people we can help.

All this will mean we can start to make the charity’s work in Zimbabwe become self-funding.  There is some way to go but it’s a major giant step towards this goal.

The fencing of the land will mean we can also start preparing setting up our BAP project (Bee Against Poverty) and start to look at future plans for a fish project.

We want to say a very big thank you to Kitchen Table Charities Trust for this amazing grant and supporting our work.  This will no doubt change lives & can’t wait to get back to Zimbabwe to get this underway.

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1 Response to 10,000 Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Steph Lucas says:

    It is brilliant news and so well deserved- GO Ratidzo Trust GO!!!! xx


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