Creating a Buzz!

We have BEEn busy bees buzzing around in a hive (ok i’ll stop!) of activity promoting our BEE Against Poverty Project.

It was lovely again to take the school assembly at Busbridge Junior School in Godalming last week.  The children (and teachers) are always very interested in our work and hearing about their link school in Sanyati, St Charles Primary School.  We talked about the a-MAIZE-ing Acres project we had started with the school, with funds they had raised and how the heavy rains in Zimbabwe had caused a lot of damage to the crops.  The money they raised will not go to waste as we will be planting again in October this year and trying again.

We are delighted that the school is happy to help fundraise again, this time for our BEE Against Poverty Project.  Thanks to Mr Peter Barringer, we were able to launch this project with a song he wrote and the children loved singing along.  (BEE, BEE, BEE, BEE Against Poverty)  They have been busy bees – 85 knitted bee charms sold so far – Great stuff!

We also had a charity stall at The Great Godalming Duck Race and sold 41 bee charms, raising £120.  Spending the day dressed up as beekeepers and got many funny looks but it was worth it!IMG_4178

It was great fun taking another school assembly, this time at St Andrews C of E Primary School in Farnham.  This is where our Nephew Lou (Matipa) goes to school.  They are currently learning about Bees and we had fun telling them about Zimbabwe, our work and the BEE Against Poverty Project.  They also loved singing the song which we will put up on our website shortly.

So far we have sold 235 bees, raising £613.00 + additional donations of £300.  A great start to our fundraising.  We thank Barbara Jarman (one of our trustees & our Mum for knitting these lovely sweet bees). IMG_4181


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