Fruity Propagation

We are finally back in Zimbabwe, after just over a year in the UK.  It’s great to be back and able to push on with our work in Sanyati.

Our flight went without incident, as did customs and visas.  We are spending the first week in Harare, staying with family which saves on hotel bills.  Taking the opportunity to sort out a few things here and buy some essentials and bits n pieces for our projects.

We have met up with a fencing contractor and discussed our requirements and are having discussions with bore hole companies.  We are hoping the fence will be erected before Christmas.

We will be purchasing some Pyracantha bushes, so that we can propagate them. We will require14694287.jpg around 1000 bushes to make a hedge around the edge of the land for added security just inside the fence.  The Pyracantha is suited to dry conditions, has long thorns (which should warn off any unwanted visitors), produces edible berries that you can use to make jam and flowers that bees love also.  Along with this we will also be picking up some fruit trees to start planting for our orchard, Mango, Lemon, Orange, Avacado and Banana will be just some of the varieties we will be hoping to grow.  We will also try growing grapes and see how that goes.

We hope to set off for Sanyati by the weekend.


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