Innocent Flu

Our first month back in Zimbabwe has simply flown by.

The first two weeks were slightly frustrating with on going car problems and both being hit with a flu bug.

We were met at the airport with our car smoking badly & not pulling. Meeting up with the mechanic the next day to find that the turbo had seized. A quote of $400 + labour meant that we would try and get by with it as it was. We had planned to spend most if the first week in Harare sorting out charity stuff anyway. The first day out & about and the car decided it wouldn’t play along, so a new turbo it was. Finally fitted and during the first test run it too seized up. Can you believe it? Further investigations found the pipes feeding oil to the turbo were blocked. Who does that on purpose? Another turbo and several hundred pounds worse off and it was working again. Still smoking but moving.

The cost and delay was very frustrating but it gave us more time in Harare and we managed to enjoy time with family, see the Christmas lights switch on at Sam Levi Village and get a few bits & pieces.

Finally we were on our way to Sanyati, slowly & checking an oil leak every so often but we made it. Edline was feeling pretty grotty with the flu, which she kindly shared with me. A few days later & we were both on the mend.

Despite the flu we did managed to organise a local company to do our fence, which is well on the way and nearly complete. 20171230_131522We also planted potatoes in sacks & a tub for a little experiment, trying out different mixtures of compost & soil etc.

We are very happy to introduce Innocent 20171230_143133who is now working with us, as & when we need him for now but hopefully in a permanent roll as things move on. He will help keep things running when we are not around & he’s a hard worker. Innocent built the house with us last year for his mother & is married with 2 boys aged 10 & 5.

It was lovely to have Eve (Edline’s sister) & the kids with us over Christmas & New Year. Christmas lunch was outside sitting under a tree in the warmth having a Braai. Very different to usual but very nice. It will be very quiet around here without them that’s for sure!

We have just returned from a successful few days in Harare where we were sourcing items for our projects & renewing my visa. Our car was loaded up with solar well pump & panels, a fixed generator, 28 fruit trees for the orchard, various tools, 140m shade netting & 140m pvc pipe ready for the well, we also ordered a 5000ltr water tank (which has arrived). The car somehow made it, smoking and struggling with its suspension over the potholes. The road is at its worse due to rains & takes it’s toll on car & drivers! We are not sure what to do with the car as it’s now leaking diesel and burning oil. Plenty of prayer needed over it for sure.

Now the festive season is over work must really start and we will update you further in a couple of weeks.

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