Getting plastered!

No that’s not the celebration they are having here because we’re leaving!

The last couple of weeks have been manic and all hands to the pump trying to get the fowl run finished along with other jobs.20180408_09215120180414_08094420180424_071930

As the builders finished off the brick work we spent a hot 3 days sorting out the roof.

Tying wooden beams across the walls and then fixing on 42 metal roofing sheets with nearly 600 nails. Plastering around the windows was a messy but fun job and cutting metal bars with a grinder was a boys and their toys moment. The bars were fixed in the 24 windows for added security before adding snake proof wire over each window. The builders meanwhile plastered the outer walls and concreted the floors.

Even working right up till the last minute we only managed to get 4 of the 8 rooms finished. But as we locked up in the dark on Friday evening at least our layers, roadrunners and quails are set up in their new homes. 20180408_091207The other 4 rooms just need plastering inside which we will do on our return. Innocent had a running joke that one of the store rooms was to be his office, so we made him a little sign and put it in the window.IMG-20180430-WA0002

The water tank stand was also plastered to finish it off.

One of our goats had a little kid, another boy. 20180423_160227But sadly we lost a pair of twins that were born prematurely and had to sell another goat for meat as it had health problems. So our little goat herd now stands at 14.

We had another monthly meeting with our families, discussing the projects and finding out how things were going. It’s a mixed bag with some doing really well but others struggling. We continue to work with and encourage all families.

The car saga continues and just a couple of days ago we lost power and smoke was billowing from the engine. Barely making it home at 2 miles an hour we have put the car to rest until we return. We are just thankful that it kept going all the time we were here. What to do with it going forward we don’t know. But as with everything we do we place it in God’s hands. He always has a plan.

So the last 5 months have flown by and in a few hours we will be flying home too. As we take time to relax in Harare we sit in our hotel room and can finally stop and look back on all we have achieved. But then really it’s looking back on all that God has achieved not because of us but inspite of us. Praise Him!

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2 Responses to Getting plastered!

  1. Barbara Jarman says:

    fantastic blog – well done


  2. Mum & Dad says:

    Brilliant – can’t wait to see it all in September


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