BEEautiful BEEing Back

We have been back in the UK for a month now and haven’t really stopped since getting here.  It’s been good to meet up with the trustees to feed back on how things have been going in Zimbabwe and to make plans going forward.  I am delighted that I am now a trustee of Ratidzo Trust and also take this opportunity to welcome Dudley Pardoe on board as a new trustee.  Please see our new trustee page to find out who is who.

Exhibiting at20180527_093321 Big Church Day Out was a big success and a great chance to promote the charity and our Bee Against Poverty campaign.

Our display caught the eye and got a lot of interest which was helped also by Edline & I dressing up.


One day we were both looking BEEautiful dressed up as bees and the next day I was dressed as a beekeeper trying to ke20180527_110403ep Edline the bee, under control! (no easy task!)

It was jolly hot in the marque but suffering for the cause was worth it.  Mum (trustee) had been busy knitting around 500 bees during the last few months and we were able to raise just over £400 with them.  20180527_093256

Alongside this, 5 people wanted to support us further and signed up to be monthly donors.  We look forward to doing the event again next year.

It has also been lovely to have been able to share our story and work with Godalming Baptist Church and Alton Baptist Church.  We thank them for their prayer support which is invaluable.

We have started selling donated items again on ebay and via car boot sales and have various fetes and sales booked-in to raise awareness and much needed finance.

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