Bee Patient

Bees have come, so exciting!

A few days ago Innocent sent us a video and a picture showing our first bee colony taking up residence in one of our hives.

This is very exciting and the first, we hope of many.  This means that BEE Against Poverty has officially BEEgun!  We look forward to harvesting our first honey when we return to Zimbabwe, learning more ourselves and more importantly start to train others.  We wondered when/if bees would ever arrive on their own and found it rather funny that they chose the hive called ‘Patience’ to be their first home, maybe God is speaking to us through nature!IMG-20180626-WA0001

We recently had a lovely £500 donation from a lady we met at Big Church Day Out in May.  She has asked that we use the funds to set up two beekeeping projects.  We can’t wait to start training others and for Bee Against Poverty to really start making a difference.  Thank you so much.


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3 Responses to Bee Patient

  1. Gina Dickinson says:

    Love this….amazing idea….amazing people!


  2. Steph says:

    Fantastic news- need a little patience!!! It has indeed beegun!


  3. Barbara Jarman says:



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