The charity is delighted that we have been able to raise the £1000 needed to fund a chicken layers income generating project for Neuso Primary School in Sanyati, Zimbabwe.  We first visited them 2 years ago looking to help with children living with disabilities attending the school, but for various reasons we were not able to help at that time.  We visited them again back in April this year and this time we were even more determined to help.

They currently have 15 children attending the school with various disabilities, 5 of which use wheelchairs. They know of another at least 15 local children who could be attending if they could get to school. They have a transport bike which was donated and run by Leonard Cheshire in the past to bring kids that are physically disabled to school. They are currently unable to afford to pay a driver or fuel the bike, so it is not being used. They have wheelchair access to all classrooms and reasonable pathways around the school.

The big issue is getting and keeping this bike running to get the kids to school.  Along with this it would be good to have a support teacher for the children.  This costs around $200 a month (£170). The chicken layers project will enable them to raise the funds themselves to run the bike month on month and to keep it running year after year and to fund a support teacher. The fund will buy 50 chicken layers and enough feed for 3 months and also service the vehicle to make it road worthy.  50 chickens will produce 40+ eggs a day, selling at $6 per tray of 30. This will bring in around $60 a week, less feed.

We will shortly be ordering the layers and can’t wait to get this project running with the school.  Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.


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2 Responses to Egg-cellent

  1. Steph says:

    amazing – well done! xxx


  2. Barbara Jarman says:

    Great news!


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