Taking it to the Max

Introducing our new team member Maxwell Enock.  20190317_111224Max has joined the Ratidzo family as our Community Projects Assistant. He is 28 years old, married with two children. It’s great to have him on board and he comes with good knowledge of poultry and vegetable gardening. As an orphan himself he understands and can relate to many of those we are helping. We are sure he will be a great asset to our project.

These are our 6 new sponsored children for 2019/2020 all in grade 3. 4 are from St Charles Primary School and 2 from Wozhele Primary School. We have met with their parents/guardians a few times & have visited their homes and given each child new uniform, school exercise books, pens, pencils, ruler etc, along with a school bag, track suit (for the colder months), rain coat and PE kit.IMG-20190317-WA0000 We will be sponsoring their school fees for the next two years and setting up and working with their families on income generating projects. Thank you to all those who are sponsoring these children.

We have been harvesting tomatoes and spinach,

selling to the local community and have also been able to donate to local families. I guess we have all heard about a snake in the grass, well we had an unexpected visitor in our tomatoes.

When did picking tomatoes become an extreme sport!!!

Our chickens have hatched over 40 chicks over the last week or so, with another 2 hens sitting on 24 eggs.

We have been able to donate 2 cockerals, 1 to the Andrea family and another to one of our new families as their only cock had died. We have also been able to get the incubator running and are testing how it copes with solar power. Running all day and then two hours on two hours off during the night. We hope we get a good hatching rate from the test eggs and then we can offer a hatching service to the community and help bring in some income for the Charity.

Talking of the Andrea family, the house is now nearly complete and they are enjoying their extra space. 20190312_171832It was so lovely to sit with them and enjoy their new room.

The toilet for the Sanyati branch of the NCDPZ is finally underway and is being built with disabled access.

At a recent meeting those that could, helped carry and deliver some of the 1000 bricks, a good group effort.
One member’s wheelchair had seen better days, being held together with wire in 3 places where it had broken.

We knew there was a welding service nearby, so we ran the chair over, well walked it round in the heat and got it welded as well as straightening the front wheel. It cost just US$2, which for us in nothing but when you have so little, even US$2 can be unaffordable. The owner was very pleased and thankful. Sometimes even the littlest thing can make a big difference to someone’s life.

People sometimes say to us ‘sorry my donation isn’t much’ but this shows even the smallest donation can make a big difference. So if you can, please donate to our work and help change lives! Thank you.

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