Laura’s days are numbered!

Cyclone Idai hit parts of Zimbabwe very badly last month, luckily we were not near the areas worst affected. Only catching the edge of things and a few days of poor weather. Others were not so lucky and many lost everything and far too many lost loved ones. So it was the least we could do to start a collection of donated items here in Sanyati and take them to a drop off centre in Harare. 20190324_174332Clothes, maize and food were all donate by local people and businesses. The scenes at collection centres all over Zim were amazing as people rallied round to send help to those affected. We continue to pray for those worst affected.

As a charity working in an area where people are struggling, we like to try and donate a percentage of anything we do to local organisations or people in need. So it was a pleasure to be able to donate 20 dressed chickens to the local Baptist Hospital. 20190326_122017Good nutrition is vital for a patient’s recovery, something difficult for a struggling hospital to offer, so it was a pleasure to be able to assist in this way.

We have been planning on how we can best run projects with our new sponsored children’s host families. In the past we had been running individual projects with each of the families we worked with but due to the current economic situation in the country we felt this was not the best way forward. The plan now is to run broiler chicken projects linked to the two primary schools that the children attend, Wozhele and St. Charles. The schools and the families run the projects together and will all be involved in looking after the chickens and selling. The profits from the projects will be split evenly, the schools taking half and the other half going into a family fund. As our school sponsorship runs for a 2 year period this project will do the same, the aim is to do a minimum of 12 broiler chicken cycles during the two years. At the end of the two years the family fund will then be used to set up individual income projects allowing the families to be able to pay school fees and have additional income going forward.

Wozhele school and parents starting their broiler project, 50 chicks and feed donated. The one at St. Charles school will be starting in September.

It’s Laura’s last few days with us, we hope she has enjoyed her time on attachment and has learnt a lot. 20190410_103710She has been able to see all stages of project management and has been involved in all areas of our work. It will feel strange her not being around after her 8 months with us and we wish her all the best in her studies and in whatever she does in life going forward.
We look forward to finding out her final grades at the end of her course.

Suddenly it’s only 2 weeks before we head back to the UK for a few months. It’s always crazy how quickly our time here goes. We will leave everything in Max’s capable hands until our return later in the year.

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A few images from our bee garden

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